What is this?

Tip of my Tung is my reclamation of a last name that always invoked schoolyard teasing in the United States. Plus, I find that writing in this blog helps moves things from the tip of my tongue to being able to articulate thoughts more clearly.

This blog serves as a reflective and connective space; a place where I share my thoughts and questions on education, global citizenship, service, and sustainability in hopes it will better my own actions and connect me with others.

Who am I?


Teresa Tung: What happens to creativity as we grow up? from International Baccalaureate on Vimeo.


My core belief: education is key to creating a future in which people and planet flourish.

Currently, I work with young people and educators at NIST International School in Bangkok, Thailand, where I  serve as the Deputy Head of Secondary, Curriculum (MYP). Previously at NIST, I  taught MYP English and DP Psychology, coordinated the MYP Service & Action program, and Global Citizen Diploma. I am also lucky enough to work Compass Education, focused on equipping schools for a sustainable future. Through that shared endeavor, I facilitate workshops for educators based on systems thinking to consider how to engage our students with our complex world.

Prior to Bangkok, I worked with young people as PYP teacher and the Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) coordinator at the International School of Tianjin.

Oh, and I have a cat named Bangle who uses the human toilet.


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