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How I became a global citizen.

Well, this post title is a bit misleading. If I’m truly to reflect on how I became a global citizen, then this post would be really quite short. I was born into this global community in a hospital in Ping-Tung, Taiwan, … Continue reading

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What are we ‘giving’ the students?

Today, on a mini-van back from a beautiful trip up to the Children of the Forest with my school’s year 9 students, I overheard two of the girls talking about grades and report cards. They were comparing which classes were … Continue reading

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film to nowhere

Last week my school screened the documentary Race to Nowhere for the first time in Thailand. Whilst I’m happy that my school is a progressive and professional place where a film indicting education for failing our students can be shown … Continue reading

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“little” kids, “big” expectations

This is my first year in MYP (the Middle Years Programme). Previously I taught grade 4. Before that, grade 1. To me, grade 5s were the “big kids.” The leaders. The innovators. The they-can-do-anything-ers. Suddenly in my move from primary … Continue reading

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talkin’ about a revolution

Last period I was scheduled to teach year 7 English. I had a fabulous lesson planned around our text, Frankenstein, and was actually quite excited for the lesson.  Every English class starts with about 15 minutes of Sustained Silent Reading, … Continue reading

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a little more tiger in our lives?

Amy Chua has been stirring up controversy and conversation with her book, Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother. In addition, she’s been making the rounds on various talk shows and recently landed the cover story of Time, “Tiger Moms: Is … Continue reading

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short term memories and long term connections

Apologies for the long hiatus from the blog! I have spent the past three months bidding a farewell to China and moving to Bangkok. Between traveling and settling into a new city and new school, I haven’t given this blog … Continue reading

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